Many business owners who pour their entire marketing budget into the launch of a new website are under the initial impression that ‘If we build it, they will come’.  After all, that philosophy seems to work well in the movies, doesn’t it? This particular Hollywood formula was effectively used ‘Field of Dreams’ and ‘We Bought a Zoo’, to name just two examples of movies worth watching a second time.

Sadly, all too often, just a few months after launch all that can be heard is the lonely sound of crickets. No phones ringing, no new email alerts, no front door chimes, just crickets.

Frequently, as the business owner’s frustration builds, the luster of their shiny, new website begins to fade and predictably, many come to the conclusion that that pouring all of their money into developing such a flashy website was a waste of money.  To a certain degree, they’re right.

A better approach is to start with a better plan.  Making a deliberate decision ahead of time to split the business’s annual marketing budget between website development and digital marketing can make all the difference between a lonely billboard website and a lean, mean, lead-generating machine.  The exact allocation, whether it’s 50/50, or 60/40 or some other split is less important than ensuring that there are funds available for online marketing.

At risk of repeating myself, I’ll say it again, digital marketing drives lead generation, and qualified leads are what fuels your sales.  No leads mean no prospects, no sales, and inevitably little or no online business.

A good Digital Marketing Manager will be responsible for explaining the importance of regularly conducting a website SEO audit to identify issues affecting the website’s search engine rankings which can and should be fixed as soon as possible. A good Digital Marketing Manager will also work with the website owner to define a strategy on how best to leverage other marketing channels to drive traffic to the website.  That’s why every business website with any hope of success needs to engage with a Digital Marketing Manager.

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