domain name search

Not only is it difficult to find a domain name that isn’t already taken, but just thinking of good domains is a chore, we know.

We now offer a service to help you find the perfect domain name from a list of what is actually currently available.

Do you only want to consider .com domain names? No problem.

Do you want to consider other domain name extensions like .net, .org, .us, .biz, .pro, etc. ?  No problem as well.

Domain Search Package A
For a consulting fee of $120.00 we will search and assemble a list of up to 50 available domain names which aptly describe your online project.

Domain Search Package B
For a consulting fee of $200.00 we will hold a domain name contest  which stretches the imaginations of a very talented pool of creatives who have a knack for crafting new domain names.

The choice is yours… death by 1,000 cuts if you do it yourself, or delegate the task to people who are good at what they do.

Let’s start a conversation.  Contact Image Market Inc.  today to begin your quest.