Pretty much everybody accepts that each and every piece of content published on your website has to have a goal.  It helps if this goal is committed to writing within your Content Management Plan. However, one might be inclined to believe that not every piece of content can or should be optimized for high conversion rates. Is this really following best practices for Inbound methodology? Or is it being unimaginative?

Sometimes the goal is simply to provide information without requiring any additional action from the user. If the user found the content and read the information then the goal was achieved, right? Well, yes and no. While you may have served the customer’s need you didn’t serve your own need if you didn’t make the most of the opportunity to engage with your user.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is always tied to a Call-to-Action (CTA) of some type. So what do you do in cases where the goal is simply to provide content?  How do you optimize for higher conversions? Remember, conversions don’t always have to be limited to converting a prospect to a customer, or adding an item to a shopping cart, they can also be about successfully getting the user to take other desired actions.

At the end of your content, a prominent CTA could be inserted. Use your imagination.  As an example, the CTA could ask the user,

“Was this information helpful? Yes / No “

Then a form could be triggered with a conditional response that appears if they clicked ‘No’, in which case the user is asked how their need could have been better served.

This CTA serves two purposes:

1) You’re engaging with your user and showing that you value their input, and
2) You’re collecting valuable data that can potentially help you to better serve your customers.

You might also consider adding another triggered event to the CTA if they click ‘Yes’, where a message would be displayed that thanks them for their input and asks them if the content on the page can be improved upon in any way. Now that is a nice touch. It’s human, it’s engaging, and it’s potentially conversational.

Depending on the nature of the content and how deeply your CRM integrates with your website, you might also consider taking this opportunity to invite the user to subscribe to your email list to be notified of any updates related to the subject matter of the page.

Just let us us know if you might need help implementing actionable ideas like this into your Digital Marketing Strategy.