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Email List Opt-in Forms Deconstructed

Everybody has their own style, tastes, and needs. The same applies to designing e-mail list opt-in forms to convert visitors into leads. It helps to have examples to refer to when working on a creative project. This is why Idea Books exist. I've wanted to create a...

Advanced Online Forms

Gone are the days when a useful website didn't have to do anything except exist.  Today's expectations of what is useful, valuable, and essential require that the utility of an organization's website go beyond just being another billboard on the Internet. Utility...

Why Can’t My Website be found?

Perhaps you launched a website for your business a few years back but aren't seeing the same results from it as you used to, or maybe you're not getting any results at all.  Well, while you've been busy running the day-to-day affairs of your business the way that...

Image Market Inc. Online Marketing

The number of individuals and organizations who claim to offer SEO services is so abundant that a consumer might jump to the conclusion that online marketing is a necessary service like an oil change for your car, but must not be too difficult and the services of one...

Image Market Inc. Marketing Approach

The only true measure of effective search engine optimization is your website's ranking for the keywords that your customers are searching for. #1 Ranked websites receive 42% of the clicks #2 Ranked websites receive 12% of the clicks #3 Ranked websites receive  8% of...

This is Why You Need a Facebook Business Page

A successful Facebook page needs to be engaging, freshly updated and rewarding. Is it possible to create a community of fans around your product, service, business or cause?  Maybe you should consider offering cool, fun, polls, videos, podcast updates, tutorials,...

Basic Online Fundraising for Nonprofits and Special Causes

As Project Manager for a Children's Rights Advocacy group, my team was tasked with creating a Project Plan to outline best practices for successful fundraising for this new nonprofit. The Project Plan incorporates a calendar of related events, a sched ule for planning...

Tips for Posting in Forums for SEO BackLink Benefits

Remember the Golden Rule : "Do unto others as you would have them do to you."   Contribute more in value to the other members’ needs. Give More, Take Less. Find the authority members in the Forum Contribute to all discussions that they contribute in PM...