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Gone are the days when a useful website didn’t have to do anything except exist.  Today’s expectations of what is useful, valuable, and essential require that the utility of an organization’s website go beyond just being another billboard on the Internet.

Utility begins with collecting information from the user who may or may not be the visitor to your website.  Who are the end users that your organization provides benefits to?  Do all of your end users have the same needs?  When are they looking to have their needs met?  Where?  How? How much? How often?

The data for the answers to all of these relevant questions are collected through online form fields of one type or another.  These forms range from simple ‘Contact Us’ forms to more complex shopping carts.

Need  to build an advanced website form?

Image Market provides simple solutions to the complex problems commonly associated with gathering the data that enables you to provide better products and service to your customers.

It’s time to start capturing the valuable data you need to grow your business.  It’s time to make use of the data that your competition wishes they had.

Image Market are can help by programming professional looking ‘smart’ forms for your website.  These smart forms include valuable features like file upload, acceptance of terms, digital signatures, conditional logic, complex calculations, save and continue later, accept payment, post to the website, or integrate with many popular CRMs.  Now you can include the data captured from custom polls, surveys, and quizzes from your customers’ responses directly into their profile for your sales team to refer to.  You can even publish the data to a public or private webpage for others to view.

You don’t have to settle for continuing to use dumb forms that ask the same questions of ALL your site’s visitors, regardless of how irrelevant those questions are to them.

Soon we’ll provide links to some real, working examples to help give you a better idea of what is possible.

  1.  An example of how to use Conditional Logic in a form which asks different questions based on who is answering the questions.
  2. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions example.
  3. Example of a complex calculation
  4. A User Poll.
  5. Dynamic Charts.