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Lead Generation

What it is…

In marketing terms, Lead Generation is about capturing the attention of your potential customers, getting them interested in your product, service, or event, and motivating them to perform an action that results in capturing their contact information. Leads can be used for list building, newsletter subscriptions, or filling a sales pipeline.

Why you need it…

Your sales team needs a constant flow of qualified leads from multiple sources.  Lead Generation is about putting interested consumers in touch with your sales team to solve problems and meet needs. It’s all about numbers…the more leads your sales team has the more presentations they can make and the more deals they will close.  Having a source of qualified leads is essential for the health of any growing business.  Today’s best practices for effective marketing require building trust and nurturing relationships.  A lead becomes a prospect which becomes a customer.

How we do it…

We start by having a conversation with you to define your goals and to get some history on what has worked and not worked in the past.  Then we create an Action Plan which lists in order of importance the steps that are required to convert your website into a lead generating machine.  Depending on the nature of your business, we may recommend using various social media platforms to drive traffic to a custom landing page on your website which includes a form to capture your potential customer’s contact information in exchange for something that the really want…which could be more information, access to a special offer, a coupon code, or scheduling an appointment to speak with one of your in-house experts.

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