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What is Email Marketing…

Third party E-mail Marketing Services are essential tools in your Digital Marketing process. These marketing automation platforms enable the efficient management of your e-mail subscriber list and the ability to send e-mail campaigns to hundreds or thousands of recipients at once. While Image Market Inc. is experienced in working with many different  E-mail Marketing Services, including Constant Contact and JangoMail, our preference is to work with the MailChimp platform.

Why You Need Email Marketing…

You absolutely need to have an E-mail Marketing Service account for managing your e-mail list otherwise you’ll be spending all of your time just managing your list instead of running your business.  An E-mail Marketing Service provides tools to capture subscriber info and automatically add the info to your e-mail list.  To be in compliance with the United States CAN-SPAM Act, your subscribers can easily edit their preferences, or unsubscribe anytime with the simple click of a mouse.  One useful feature is the ability to send e-mail campaigns to a well-defined segment of your list using professionally designed e-mail templates.  Another awesome feature is the ability to schedule your e-mail campaigns to automatically be sent weeks or months in advance.  In summary, an E-mail Marketing Service does all of the dirty work and heavy lifting for you.  The amount of time saved in not having to manually add, edit or delete subscriber e-mail addresses alone more than pays for the service.

How We Provide Email Marketing Services…

Image Market Inc. will set up your E-mail Marketing Service account for you and we’ll look for opportunities to put these powerful tools to work for you.  We’re able to assist by importing your existing client and prospect e-mail data into your master e-mail list and cleaning that data up by having the bad e-mail addresses automatically deleted.  We’ll identify the method for segmenting your list that makes the most sense for your business. We’ll create professional e-mail templates which adhere to your company’s branding standards.  E-mail Campaign Reporting will provide clear feedback on how many e-mails were sent, how many were opened, and how many click-throughs were generated from the campaign.

Defining Your E-mail Marketing Strategy

Are you regularly communicating with your customer base and prospects through e-mail?  If you’re not, know this, e-mail marketing is alive and well and is an essential part of every digital marketing strategy.

If you’re not yet using an E-mail Marketing Service, or are not sure what to say in your e-mails, or who to send them to, or when to send your e-mails then Image Market is ready to help out.

Essential Steps for Sucessful Email Marketing

  • Define your goals
    • i.e. to engage customers and prospects by starting conversations with th
  • Select an Email Service Provider that works for you.
    • It should be connected to a contacts database
    • It should provide reporting on your email sends
  • Build a healthy email list
    • Automatically get rid of bounced emails or unsubscribes
  • Segment your list in ways that make sense.
    • Recent event attendees, Leads, Prospects, Customers, Customers who purchased a specific product of yours
  • Adhere to email regulations like the CAN-SPAM Act

Email Marketing Strategy

Your email marketing strategy is part of your inbound strategy.  You want to delight your customers by marketing your products and services in a helpful, nurturing way that speaks to their needs.  You want to be conversational with all the types of interactions that you have with your prospects and customers.

Do you know in advance how your’re going to meaure the success of your email campaigns? We do.

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